631-669-2827  -   9am to 10 pm daily to speak directly to an Al-Anon member

Meeting List Coordinator - Email - meetinglist@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Website Coordinator- Email:  Position Vacant at this time-contact website@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

ASIS Board Chair - Email: ASISChair@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Recording Secretary - Email: recordingsec@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Corresponding Secretary:  Correspondingsec@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Liaison to NY South - Email: Position Vacant at this time-contact NYSALiaison@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Suffolk Liaison to Nassau - Email: suffolktonassauliaison@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Speakers Exchange - Email: SpeakersExchange@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Public & Institutional Speakers - Email: publicinstitutionalspeakers@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Literature Coordinator - Email: Literature@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

P O Box Coordinator - Email: postofficecoord@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Phone Service Coordinator - Email:  phoneservicecoord@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Choices Coordinator - Email: Position Vacant at this time-contact Choices@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org
Public Outreach - Email: Outreach@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Treasurer - Email: treasurer@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Alateen Coordinator - Email: AlateenChair@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Alanews coordinator - Email: Position Vacant at this time

Hugs Hope and Healing - Family Relationships Workshop - Email: HugsHopeandHealing@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Liaison to AA - Email: AAliaison@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Nassau Liaison to Suffolk - Email: ALISONLiaisontoASIS@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

To Correspond with our Districts:

District 1 & 34 - district1@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

District 2 - Open Position - GR's are welcome to District 3 Meetings

District 3 - Email: suffolkdistrict3@gmail.com

District 4 - Open Position - GR's are welcome to District 5 Meetings

District 5 - Email: district5@al-anon-suffolk-ny.org

Phone:  631-669-2827              Mailing Address:  ASIS, P.O. Box 490, Farmingville, NY 11738              Email: See Contact Us Page 
To post your announcement information here and on our calendar
Email:  asiswebcoordinator@gmail.com
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